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Time calculation and sports scoring

TimePad version 3.0 completely redesigned for iOS10


TimePad is a simple-to-use but powerful time calculator and timing application designed for live and broadcast use, but with many other possible uses including sports such as Lacrosse.

The application features a central section, which can be switched between a scoreboard and a calculator, and which can be used to perform various mathematical functions on time. It also has 8 independent timers which can be used in 3 different ways:

  • a. Stop Watch

  • b. Count Down Timer

  • c. Count To Timer

Time values can be transferred to and from the timers using the Store and Recall buttons, followed by clicking on the required timer.

Timers store their state so that when you return to the application later they are still counting as if they had been running all the time.

The large central clock can be switched between the current time and a 9th timer, for example to use as a master game clock.

You can switch the timers between count up and count down by using the button on the timer or by using the adjust clock options buttons.

There are a number of options you can set on a timer including voice prompts and locking it to prevent accidental changes. These options can be set on one or more clocks at once by pressing the select button and then clicking on the clock displays that you want to change. Once you have highlighted the clocks pressing any of the clock option buttons will change all the selected clocks.

This is the default behavior of the timers and simply requires that a timer be set to zero.

The Start/Pause button can then be used to start and stop the timer.

Pressing the timer display itself while it is running will freeze the display whilst leaving the timer running. This can be used for lap timing. Pressing the timer display again cancels the lap time and displays the live count.

Pressing the Reset button will zero the timer.

In order to use a timer as a count down timer you must first make sure it is set to count down and then enter a start value. To do this, enter the time you want to count from on the calculator and then store this in the timer you want to use. THis is done by pressing STORE followed by pressing on the timer display that you want to store it in. When started the timer will now count down from this time.

If you have enabled audio you will get a voice count that will give you a prompt at 1 min, 30 seconds, 15 seconds and then a count down from 10.

Pressing the Reset button puts the clock back to its start time.

To use a timer as a count to make sure it is set to count up and then simply enter the time you want to count to using the 24 hour clock and then store it in the timer.

Starting the timer will then give you a count to that time.

You can name a timer in the options menu.

You can control multiple timers at the same time by adding them into a group so they can all be stopped and started together.

Press the Select Group button and then click on the timers you want to add to the group.

These are displayed in purple when they are in the group.

To remove a timer from the group, simply click on it again.

TimePad provides all the basic features of a calculator operating in time mode.

Results are always displayed as hours:minutes:seconds.

It includes basic memory functions to allow results to be stored and recalled as part of a calculation.

Times are entered by clicking on the relevant number and separating hours, minutes and seconds using ‘:’.

When entering whole numbers of hours you can simply type the value, followed by 2 x ‘:’ or, when entering minutes without seconds, you can just type 1 x ‘:’ after the number. If you enter a number without any ‘:’ it will be interpreted as seconds and converted to hh:mm:ss when you press return or the plus or minus keys.


12:: = 12:00:00

12:35: = 12:35:00

35 = 00:00:35

500 = 00:08:20

Calculations are performed just like any other calculator. You can press ‘=’ after each calculation or you can keep pressing ‘+’ or ‘-’ between each number to keep a running total.

At any point you can press M+ or M- to add or subtract the currently displayed value from the memory.

At any point you can press M+ or M- to add or subtract the currently displayed value from the memory.

Don’t forget to clear out the memory before starting a calculation using the MC button.

The scoreboard is designed to be used by games such as Lacrosse and enables you to keep track of the current score and the game period. You can enter the team names in the options menu.

Additional options are provided to allow count down timers to stop and autio reset when they get to zero and also to have the option of an air horn sound when the game clock gets to zero.

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Awesome app! ★★★★★ Great app. Does exactly what I need. Very easy to use with well written instructions. Intuitive layout, user friendly. I'd like to see the option to swap military time for 'standard time', and maybe some color options for the font.

Sabarrett - Version - 2.1 - Apr 11, 2014

Great for sports ★★★★★ This is a great app for sports like Lacrosse and Hockey where you need to keep track of time and various timed penalties. 8 individual timers, which can be independent or easily grouped with the main clock, makes tracking of multiple penalties a breeze. I will never go back to the portable game timers. Just suggest the large main time should have option to be game clock. -great job!

jsonett - Version - 0 - Apr 7, 2011

Very useful ★★★★ I've been using this since V1.0 for timing hockey games. I really like the latest improvements, especially the brighter numbers on the display. It's much easier to see in a brightly lit arena. Nice job.

LK 11 - Version - 0 - Jan 5, 2011

Coach ★★★★★ I was looking for an app that I could use to track our CC runners during a race and this is the ONE! I can assign a runners name to each of the eight timers, start all timers with one touch and stop the individual timers as the runner completes the race. Thanks for the sport mode update!

Cross Country XC CC - Version - 0 - Dec 30, 2010

Great for broadcasting and Booking ★★★★★ I work for a satellite provider, great tool for keeping track of upcoming feeds

Thomasprichard - Version - 0 - Oct 31, 2010

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