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Radio Studio Application for iPad .... changing the game for internet radio broadcasting

RadioCast - a new professional radio broadcast app for the iPad

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RadioCast is a revolutionary new application for the iPad that puts professional radio studio features at your fingertips. Whilst there are many DJ applications, RadioCast is the first radio studio application designed specifically for use with an iPad.

Based around the needs of running a live radio show mixing between a music playlist, jingles and a live mic, RadioCast has the ability to broadcast live to the Internet to any hosting provider using the Shoutcast or Icecast standard.

Whilst the application is simple to use, it is packed with professional features:

  • Ability to preview audio without affecting the output.

  • Auto segue feature to automatically start the next track as the previous starts to fade.

  • EQ and Compressor Limiter

Perfect for ad hoc broadcasting taking your show on the road or just fun with friends and family.

The application features three main screens:

  • Live

  • Recordings

  • Setup


This is the key screen for Internet Broadcasting or recording a PodCast. It allows you to seemlessly blend music from either your iTunes library or locally imported audio files with speech and jingles.

The application is designed to make your show sound as slick as possible without having to master lots of complex controls.

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You can either let the playlist run itself with the auto segue feature picking the optimum place to segue or you can put the list in manual so that each track waits for you to press GO.

Pressing the Live button fades up your microphone and optionally dips the music by the amount you set.

You can load and save playlists and quickly rearrange things by drag and drop.

One of the unique features is the ability to preview items in the playlist without affecting your output. This lets you check the start and ends of tracks to decide where you might want to talk.

Whilst it is better to use an external microphone and headphones it will work with the build in microphone and if headphones aren’t plugged in it will automatically dip the level of the speaker when the mic is live to prevent feedback.


Making a recording of a show is as simple as typing in the recording name and then pressing record, the reording won’t actually start until you play something or turn on the microphone so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the start of the recording.

Broadcasting live to the Internet once you have signed up with of of the many service providers and configured your settings is a s simple as pressing the ON AIR button and you even get to see how many listeners you have in real-time.

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The recording screen allows you to manage all of your recordings and share them with others either by emailing if not too large or copying to Dropbox.

Set Up

The setup screen is used to define your connection settings to your radio hosting provider. You can keep a number of different connection settings and you can share them with friends so you can pass control of the broadcast around.

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