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Accurate Timing for Live Radio and TV Production

TX Timer


TX Timer is a simple-to-use but powerful tool for anyone working in live radio or TV production who has to do frequent time calculations and keep accurate timings of segment durations.

Features include:

  • Time calculator for performing a variety of mathematical tasks with time

  • 10 memories

  • 4 timers with count up, count down and count to modes

  • Optional voice down

  • Counters keep running when app is shut down

TX Timer does not work with timecode as there are specialist applications to do this and live production timing is only in hours minutes and seconds.

There are 2 modes of operation:

This mode provides all the basic features of a calculator operating in time mode.

Results are always displayed as hours:minutes:seconds.

It includes basic memory functions to allow results to be stored and recalled as part of a calculation.

Times are entered simply by clicking on the relevant number and separating hours, minutes and seconds using ‘:’.

Entering Times

When entering whole numbers of hours you can just type the value, followed by 2 x ‘:’ or, when entering minutes without seconds, you can just type 1 x ‘:’ after the number. If you enter a number without any ‘:’ it will be interpreted as seconds and converted to hh:mm:ss when you press return or the plus or minus keys.


12:: = 12:00:00

12:35: = 12:35:00

35 = 00:00:35

500 = 00:08:20

Performing Calculations

Calculations are performed just like any other calculator. You can press ‘=’ after each calculation or you can keep pressing ‘+’ or ‘-’ between each number to keep a running total.

Using Memories

At any point you can press M+ or M- to add or subtract the currently displayed value from the memory.

Don’t forget to clear out the memory before starting a calculation using the MC button.

The contents of the memory can be recalled using MR.

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Advanced mode is accessed by rotating the iPhone to landscape mode.

This mode has additional maths functions, 9 memories and 4 timers.

Its basic maths functionality is the same as basic mode, but with the addition of divide and multiply.

It is also possible to convert the current value into seconds or minutes.

The +/- button is used to switch the value between a positive and a negative number, this is usefull if you are entering countdowns ino the timers.

Using the 10 Memories

The currently displayed value can be stored in any of 10 memories simply by pressing STORE followed by 0-9.

Stored values are recalled by pressing RECALL followed by the corresponding number 0-9

Using the Timers

4 timers are available and these can operate in a number of modes:

Count Up (Stopwatch)

To use a timer as a stopwatch, simply select one of the timers and then press START. If the timer already has a value in it, this will be cleared unless it is already running. You can pause a timer by using the stop/start button.

If you press any other key, the timer will be deselected but will continue to run. To view the timer again simply press the relevent timer button. You can grab the current value from a timer by pressing Recall followed by the relevent timer, This is useful for grabbing lap times, for example, which could then be stored in memories.

To return to the running timer simply press the relevant timer button.

Count Down

In this mode, the timer needs to be preset with a negative number to count down from. So make sure the display is cleared and then enter the number you want to count down from and then press +/- to make it negative e.g -00:03:00. Store this in the timer you want to use by pressing STORE followed by the relevant timer.

When this timer is started it will count down to zero. You will also get a voice prompt at 1 minute, 30 and 15 seconds, followed by a count down from 10. You can turn this off on the settings page.

Count To

This allows you to count to a specific time, for example the start of a show. Simply enter the time you wish to count to, e.g 12:00:00, and store it in the timer you want to use. When this timer is started it will count down to that fixed time, with voice counts if required.

When combined with the other maths functions, TX Timer can be used to quickly perform some very useful tasks.

For example, say you have an item that lasts 3:47 and needs to end at exactly 12:00:00. Simply enter 12::, then ‘-‘ 3:47 STORE Timer. When you start the timer, it will count you down to the point at which you need to start the item in order to hit 12:00:00.

N.B. Timers will continue running when you exit the application.

If you press the Clear button when a timer is selected it will reset the timer to its initial value and stop it running

To reset all timers and memories, press C twice and confirm that you wish to clear.

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Great little app ★★★★ Nice clean design and easy to use. Great if you need to do time calculations quickly. Love the countdown feature as well. Some of the clever features aren't immediately obvious so worth reading the online user guide

mattf2010 - Version - 0 - Jan 6, 2010

Essential Tool For Production Assistants ★★★★★ Calculating with time is pretty much impossible unless you have this app. It even let's you do division operations. For Production Assistants working in Tv or Film this is a must and replaces expensive time calculators.

Mr Ed 1977 - Version - 0 - Jan 6, 2010

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