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Theatre Sound Cue Control for iPhone

Enhance your productions with FX Lite Cost-effective simple sound cue playback for the iPhone.


FX Lite is a special iPhone version of the popular iPad app FX Live. It's a powerful sound cue control application designed for theater use but suitable for all live productions. Far more than a simple cart machine, this highly responsive and intuitive application allows you to design and automate complex audio elements for any live production.

FX Lite features the ability to sequence multiple virtual FX players with programmable crossfades between the different elements.

It has been designed to be fast and easy to use for everyone from the occasional user doing a school production to those creating complex, multi-layered shows in a professional or semi-professional environment.

It is fully compatible with its big brother FX Live 2 and can play back the more complex shows created on FX Live 2.

It also features the ability to record sound directly into the application using a fast easy to use record option.

Beautifully designed with documentation and support, this rock solid application is a must for anyone doing live sound.

  • Home

  • Perform

  • Design

  • Record

  • Event Settings

Home Screen

This screen is used for creating and naming a new show or adding new versions.

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This is the screen for running shows.

It gives a clear indication of where you are in the show and what events are currently running.

If everything goes to plan, this can be used to simply step through the cues in order using the GO button, with Spot Effects being dropped in as needed.

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However, in any live performance you have to expect the unexpected, and FX Live has been designed specifically with flexibility in mind:

  • You can quickly jump to any point in the Cue List and pick up from that point

  • Individual running elements can be paused, stopped or have their level overridden

  • An ALL STOP button is also provided to silence everything


This is where all the work is done to design the show. This consists of creating a set of cues with one or more events.

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Audio can consist of any supported audio file imported either from your local iTunes library or from external sources such as Dropbox or email. Simply press on the file and ‘Open In’ FX Lite

Event Settings

Lets you adjust various settings of the select event including, in and out points and level.

The fade in and out values allow you to control how this event fades in and out or mixed with other events.

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Record Screen

Provides a fast and simple way of recording live audio directly into the application.

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