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Version 2.1 Change Details

Full French internationalisation.
Changed all audio faders and transitions to logarithmic to provide smoother fades and more accurate level control. This is turned off by default to avoid changing already designed shows, but it can be enabled in settings.
Added FAQ button to link to web site.
Fixed problem with announcements not working.
App now prevents the screen lock from activating when its in the foreground.
Initial integration with Dropbox, new button in the settings screen to link the app to Dropbox. New archive to dropbox button in the home screen will archive the show with its audio to an FX Live folder in dropbox/apps.
Added button to rate the app on the home screen (hint hint).
New background switch on audio effects to make it easier to run an effect under the following cues without having to add to each cue. If this is set then the effect will stay running until you explicitly add the effect again with the level set to zero.
Auto Trim button in the file select dialog to automatically set your in and outpoints by trimming off any silence at the start or the end of the file.
Option to set the point at which the effect player countdown turns red.
Fixed a bug that could cause the import file message to keep appearing when the app starts
Its now possible to add tracks to the music list directly from the iTunes library including the ability to select multiple tracks at once. Selected tracks are still copied into the show so you can always go back and adjust the audio properties of the track if you need to.
Performance mode indicator on the GO button.
You can now edit the name of an effect in the file dialog to override the default value which is the file name.
Added a button the clear the music playlist.

25 Feb 2015

Version 2.2 Change Details

Fixed bug with pan position getting lost when a clip loops
Fixed an issue that caused the effect name to be changed if you clicked on a file in the select screen but then selected cancel.
New Features
Perform screen cue list now shows the duration of the cue which in the case of multiple events in the cue is the longest duration.
Event countdown changes to show the fade out count when an event is fading.
New option in the audio effect properties dialog to allow an effect to be marked as 'don’t fade end’ This is used when you have an effect that normally you want to let run to its natural end but want the option to fade it early if you need to. So setting this option allows you to set a fade out time that will only be used if you leave the effect early either by stop or by moving to another CUE.
Pressing STOP on the effect players has been changed to use the programmed fade out time of the effect and not the emergency fade time. The STOP ALL button will still fade any running effects immediately regardless of their set fade times.
You can now share archives between compatible devices using AirDrop, this will work over Wi Fi or Bluetooth automatically and is very fast. You can share archives between FX Live and FX Lite using this method as well. Press the share button on the show archive list on the home screen.
Added the ability to print a cue sheet of the current show by pressing the print button on the shows list on the home screen
In addition to the learn mode you can now enter MIDI codes manually by clicking on any of the MIDI code displays. A new MIDI entry dialog allows you to enter values in either decimal or hex.
Google Drive
FX Live is now fully integrated with Google Drive for storing archives as well as loading audio files. To use this feature you need to link the app to your Google Drive account using the button in the settings screen. This is only needed once.
You can then use the archive to Google button on the home screen, this may take a while if its a big show but you will get a message when its completed.
You can import audio directly from Google Drive to the application from within the file import dialog. A new Google Drive button allows you to list all audio stored on your drive in any directory or search for files containing a specific name.

25 Feb 2015

Version 2.3 Change Details

Resolved issue with iCloud archive not working when user has upgraded to iCloud Drive
Fixed an issue that could stop keyboard shortcuts working when the bluetooth keyboard was switched on after the application.
Fixed an issue with the mark out button setting a slightly wrong value after the trim out button has been used.
Fixed an issue in the audio select dialog that caused you to have to press the play button twice if you dragged the audio position slider while it was playing
Added validity checks when in and out point values are entered manually.
Fixed issue with effects having a very quite small echo on them.
Fixed issue with spot effects and looping effects not using any set EQ or DSP effects
Fixed a number of issues around previewing files in the file select dialog that could give inconsistent results and sometimes use settings from the previous cue.
New Features
Auto Follow status of a cue is displayed in the cue list on the perform screen
iCloud drive now supported so archives appear in the list and work correctly when you have include drive enabled.
FX Live is now fully integrated with iCloud drive and show archives will now be available in your iCloud folder on your MAC as well. This enables you to transfer show archives to and from your devices for sharing with others.
In addition to archives you can also now use iCloud drive as a way of transferring audio files into your devices. Simply drop the files into the iCloud FX Live folder and they will then be available in the new audio tab on the FX Live home screen. Initially they will be pale grey to indicate they are not available locally. But if you press the download button you can retrieve them from iCloud and then press the import button to bring them into the FX Live audio library. You can then delete them from iCloud if you need to free up space without effecting FX Live.

Version 2.5 Change Details

New Features Multimedia In App Purchase With this option it is possible to include videos and images within a show. These can be sequenced individually or combined with audio effects. Smooth mixes can be performed between images or video clips in addition to being able to fade to black.
Video and images can be imported from the photo library or imported via iCloud or Google drive. To use this option you will need a multimedia adaptor for your iPad or you can use Airplay to an Apple TV
In the perform screen the cue list keeps the current cue at the top of the list not the next cue.
Changed the way that shows are archived to improve performance and remove crashes caused by zipping the files. The new file archive has an extension of .fxdoc and works the same as the old format but is more faster and has been tested with shows of many gigabytes. Obviously you need to have enough spare memory on the device to hold the archive version of the show. The old format still works so your old archives can still be loaded but all new archives will use the new format.
In order to free up space on your device you can now remove local copies of iCloud archived shows. Archives that are local are shown in dark text and they can be removed by swiping left and pressing delete. N.B this will not remove the archive from iCloud just the copy on the device. You can get it back again at anytime by pressing the download button.
Improved management of temporary files to reduce storage usage of FX Live. New recycle button on the home screen deletes all audio and video files that are not used in the currently selected show. This can free up huge amounts of space on your device but make sure you have archived all your shows first, that way you can always get back the sounds you need by de-archiving
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue that could cause loss of show if renaming without entering a new name.
Updated to latest Apple Swift & iOS 10 libraries Implemented latest Google ID Sign On policies so if you use Google drive you will need to press the Google button on the settings screen the first time you run the software.

You have a number of options for importing audio into a show.


As long as the audio has already been downloaded to the device you can import it into the show using the 'ImportFrom iTunes’ button in the file select dialog.

‘Open In’

Responsive image

Many applications such as mail and dropbox give you the option to ‘Open In’ this will bring up a dialog like above and then you simply select FX Live in order to have the file transfered into your show audio library.

Google Drive

You can also use Google drive, simply add your files to your Google drive in the cloud and then when using the file select dialog press the Google drive button and you should see a list of any audio stored in any folder in your Google drive. Selecting a file will download it into your show.

iCloud Drive

With version 2.3 you have full integration with iCloud drive and an FX Live folder will appear in your iCloud Drive folder on your mac. If you dropy any audio files into there they will appear on the audio tab of the archive panel on the FX Live home screen. To load them into your show you need to first downlaod them from the cloud and then use the import button to add to the show.

21 Jan 2015

FX Live supports external bluetooth keyboards which can be used to operate the show in the perform screen.

The supported keys are:

  • Spacebar = GO

  • Return Key = Recue

  • Numbers 1-6 = Spot Effects

  • r = Recue show

  • p = Pause show

  • s = Stop

Keys are not case sensitive so both upper or lower will work.

21 Jan 2015

The easiest way of muting an effect is to add a silent cue, that is a cue with nothing set. To do this just hit cancel when the file select dialog is presented. When you execute this cue any running effects will be faded out in what ever time they have set as their fade out time.

If you only want to stop a single effect but leave others running then add the effects you want to keep going into the silent cue by selecting from the current cue list in the file dialog. This way they will keep the same levels and settings.

15 Feb 2015